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This website stores cookies in your browser to enable us to give you a better experience if you are a repeat visitor.

Most modern browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.) are automatically set to accept cookies, but you can change the settings on your browswer to not accept cookies. If you do not accept the use of cookies at all, the website will not perform optimally.

We at Jernhusen and the DinStation website use the following cookies:

  • Google Analytics, to track and report on website visits and what information is sought.
  • Hotjar, a statistics and survey tool that complements Google Analytics.
  • Session cookies store information that the user has input and tracks the movements of the user to help them move quickly and easily between pages on the website.

Please note
Which cookies are stored when you visit the website can change over time.

You can read more here about cookies stored by


Name Purpose How long saved
 ASP.NET SessionId A session cookie is used to help the user move quickly and easily between pages on the website. No personal data are saved. Deleted when the brower is closed.  
 Cookie Consent Show/hide cookie information 1 year
 _ga Google Analytics 2 years
 _gid Google Analytics 24 hours
 _gat_UA-11526942-9 Google Analytics 1 minute
 _hjIncludedInSample Hotjar Deleted when the brower is closed.


Third party cookies

Name Purpose How long saved From
NID   Google Maps 6 months google.com
 _ga Google Analytics 2 years hotjar.com


How do I delete cookies?

If you want to delete cookies, you can read more about how to delete cookies in the different browsers by clicking on the links belows:

Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer